Is 50 a great age to switch your lifelong job? The topic is controversial! Life is all about setting new personal and professional goals. It is never too late to embark on a fresh career path. Being passionate and motivated about reinventing your career is what it’s all about.

There are some things to consider seriously before changing jobs. You need to think about what suits you best. There may be many reasons to want a change, for example:

Before making any decision, you must question all the reasons deeply and validate them.

When changing careers, you must decide what you want to do. What lifestyle do you want to maintain? If you want a less stressful job, A success coach near you could help with this.

You have heard all this before: that you need to update your resume and cover letters to highlight your professional skills. Brush up on your education and qualifications and earn an extra degree or certificate relevant to your professional field.

If you are looking for a new job or applying for a promotion, it is not only about updating your C.V. and your LinkedIn profile! As part of your #marketability, you need to make a list that acts as evidence of your strengths. It should show you have the #competencies they are looking for, articulate them powerfully, and communicate them efficiently. Putting emphasis on your technical capabilities is important, but emphasizing your leadership, social, and emotional skills is just as important, if not more. Employers require you to be knowledgeable in your field, but they particularly want to see your ability to integrate into teams, interact, and connect the dots.

Making these changes is important, but first, you must understand what your current value is.

How marketable are you to a potential employer? Are you currently checking the boxes you need to check to get the job you want? Find out here. Include a link to the marketability assessment.

Individual or Group Coaching programs help to guide you, support you, and keep the momentum. Doing things on your own can be boring!

A Career Success Coach is the best option when looking to switch jobs. Find an ICF-Certified Career Coach who has the expertise to better advise you about the current trends and challenges.

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