After dedicating 8 hours a day and working non-stop, what you expect in the end is a #promotion. Earning a promotion scales up your salary and other #benefits, and your #designation in the #organization.

No lie, the job marketplace is getting #competitive and challenging. Creating your name in the #industry is not a piece of cake. To become (and stay) competitive, is about working on yourself to be #promotable and #marketable. 

Here is how you can make yourself promotable, competitive, and marketable in a #working environment;

Learning is the Key:

Keep #learning new #skills to scale yourself up and be marketable. Attend #conferences and #workshops to improve your skill set and align it according to the skill sets of competitive #employees and the company’s plan. 

Examine how your #seniors work and perform. Notice how they negotiate, #communicate, #collaborate, and manage multiple #tasks simultaneously.

Identify Your Role:

Identify how your #job fits the organization and how you can scale up the bottom line. Make your organization’s growth your top priority.Take part in high-value activities to go beyond your #performance.

Know Your Competitors:

Your #colleagues and #technology are your #competitors, as an employee. Evaluate what skills you need to beat them. Organizations are embracing new technology and patterns quickly in the modern world. To stay competitive, keep up with your sector’s most recent #innovations and #developments.

 Perform Beyond Your Limits:

The more effectively you communicate, the higher your importance will be in the organization. Go beyond what others are doing or willing to do. Everyone will notice how #versatile you are. It will help if you are prepared to check out innovations and accept unexpected tasks.

 Expand Your Network:

Fill your contact list with #professionals. One of the most valuable #resources you have for #career growth and job hunting is your network of #connections. Make some efforts to participate in conferences, seminars, and gatherings of professional groups. 

In addition to helping you establish yourself as a well-connected and respected professional, networking keeps you in the public eye for possibilities that come up inside or outside your firm.

 Invest in yourself for professional development. Listen to podcasts, read books, and participate in workshops. Meet with your collaborating partners and exchange ideas. The more you interact, the more you learn and scale up yourself.

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