Productivity and

Berenice Millan Personal coach

Ever feel like you’re pedalling but not getting anywhere?

Perhaps you know deep inside that it’s time for a change of direction, but you are nervous to voice it out loud.

Or are you distracting yourself because you aren’t sure what to do next? I can support you to find a way forward. Side by side we will discover your strengths and opportunities, learn how to make empowered choices, and ultimately find a happy and balanced life.


I will accompany you as you navigate your personal path of evolution. As your dedicated productivity and transformational coach, I will provide you with the tools and personalised strategies that will help you realise your aspirations. 

I have a deep commitment to supporting you on your journey to find clarity and purpose.  I’ve been on my own journey of self discovery with my coach. I share from my own experience.

I love supporting my clients to uncover their potential, and propel forwards with newfound confidence and a smile. 

Work with me on the next part of your journey and become unstoppable!