Professional Pathway

This 6-week coaching is for experienced professionals who want to remain competitive, find new performance methods, repurpose their knowledge and experience to today’s needs, and at the same time not crash!

What is “Your Unlimited Version” Success Coaching?

Industries, jobs and companies change, and we need to keep up with them to stay relevant in today’s market.
We understand that after many years of perfecting your craft and developing your professional brand, you might find yourself in a place where:

  •  Future career opportunities/paths are unclear
  •  You question what you want to do next
  •  You are losing the battle between managing life and your next career step

Your Unlimited Version Success coaching helps seasoned professionals keep up with these changes by redesigning their professional and personal lives.

We believe that there are untapped and unlimited versions of ourselves that, like software, can be updated, rereleased and be as effective and successful as before.

Who is Your Unlimited Version Success Coaching for?

  • Seasoned professionals who need to redesign themselves to fit the current market
  • Individuals who are living a professional and/or personal disconnect
  • Professionals who want to thrive in the current pandemic situation and future challenges
  • Seasoned professionals who want clarity and direction for their future

If you see yourself in any of these statements, then Your Unlimited Version Success Coaching is for you!
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Your Unlimited Version-Success Individual Program

Step 1
Digging into you

  • Who are you: values beliefs,
    principles, needs
  • 360 performance assessment
  • Taking inventory of your

Step 2
Building Your Vision

  • Defining goals: what do
    you want
  • Define people: who do
    you need around you
  •  Validate your intention

Step 3
Identifying the Gaps

  • Gaps analysis
  • Market needs
  • Skills and strengths

Step 4
Moving You Forward

  • Designing your personal plan
  • Managing change blocks that
    could hinder your success
  • Defining your success actions

Step 5
Your Action Plan

  • Create detailed action
  • Who, what, when, how

Step 6
Getting you to your goal

  • Accountability to make it
  • Creating a follow-up plan
  • Individual/group coaching


This assessment is this springboard to creating your market appeal plan and it will give you:

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