Your Journey


My goal and passion is to help you uncover your purpose with clarity and confidence. Are you ready to become everything you dream? 

Partner together with me on your journey of personal evolution!

I tailor each service to suit your needs, as everyone is an individual with their own story. I’ll help you achieve your goals faster.  Invest in yourself and your future, with me by your side unstoppable!


Why seek a Certified Productivity and Transformational Coach?

I offer one-to-one productivity and transformational coaching, inspirational podcasts, webinars, online training and in-person retreats in both English and Spanish.

I support you on your journey to discover and understand yourself with deeper clarity. Together we will remove your self-limiting beliefs and disrupt old patterns of behaviour. You will uncover your core passions, strengths and unlock your potential. From this new insight and awareness, I work alongside you to create a personal action plan to move forward to a new chapter of your life with confidence, and a spring in your step. I can help you to:

We are all unique individuals, so there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. I take the time to tailor programs to suit every client’s personal needs and aspirations. 

I embrace the whole person because I know perfection doesn’t exist. We have each gone through our path in life, and that has made us who we are.


Individual Coaching Packages​

Zirconia Transformation Package

Duration: 1 session 60 minutes

What to expect:

You will send me specific information prior to 24 hrs related to the topic you want to discuss.

How will you feel? At the end of this session you will:

  • have better clarity on your current situation and where you want to go
  • uncover what you do not know
  • define specific actions on how to move forward


Book a 20 minute introduction call with me to chat about your specific needs!

Diamond Transformation Package 

Duration:  12 weeks

Total 5 hours of Coaching every other week via Zoom.

What to expect: 

Polish a bit of what is not needed in that gem to help you gain clarity on what you want and what needs to happen. Define concrete actions that will make you know and feel you are progressing and gaining speed.

How will you feel? At the end of this program you will:

  • be heard, you want to be YOU without being judged or being told to do X or Y but yet…
  • have a better picture of yourself in your current situation versus where you want to be
  • know tools and techniques that will help you over time to cope with what/who distracts your attention from your purpose
  • define concrete actions that help you move forward with your plans
  • have someone to support you to be accountable with yourself while you get up to speed


Book a 20 minute introduction call with me to chat about your specific needs!

Kryptonite Transformation Package 

Duration: 24 weeks

Total 10 hours of Coaching every other week via Zoom.

What to expect: After having gained some speed, we want to increase and make long lasting and enduring transformation.

To maintain the speed, discover that new person, evolve slowly and in a sustainable manner.  Work on those aspects you may know are holding you back, we will uncover your full potential and take action. 

How will you feel? At the end of this program you  want to:

  • «Evolve» embracing who you have been but transforming into a new person
  • feel extremely laser focused
  • know tools and techniques that will help you over time to cope with what/who distracts your attention from your purpose
  • feel serene and have control over your feelings and future
  • have more enriching and quality relationships
  • know you have been moving in the past months towards your biggest plans faster
  • have someone to talk to who will not judge you nor tell you what to do. You will have a partner who will join you on your ride! 


Book a 20 minute introduction call with me to chat about your specific needs! 

Note: I have seen the best success with people that have worked with me for a longer period of time.

Weekend Retreat

Fully unplug and take the time to re-centre and re-discover your inner spark. Step forward from the weekend with confidence and a spring in your step. 

2 individual coaching sessions

2 group coaching sessions

Journal provided

Hiking and mindfulness activities

Connect with like-minded people, and journey together 

Contact for more information 

2022 Action Plan for Transformation! 

Life Coaching sessions in partnership with coach and writer Caroline Vogt beginning January 2022!

Duration: 6 weeks

6 hours Interactive Group Coaching over 6 weeks

12 hours self-reflection/ implementation

Tired of the same results or no result at all?

Are you immersed in situations and surrounded by toxic people who are holding you back and preventing you from living the life that you so much desire and deserve?

Is your living and working environment supporting your inspiration and creativity to make you feel energized, organized, and efficient day by day?

Are you ready to leave 2021 behind and begin fresh, strong and lighter in 2022?

Time to reset , learn to unlearn, get new ideas, inspiration and hands on tools for a step by step Action Plan for the NEW YEAR 2022 – for your success, health and happiness!


  • Emotional & Physical Health (Body, Mind, Spirit)
  • Happy, healthy & work/life balanced lifestyle
  • Organizing your home & office for success
  • Our thoughts & habits, use of our 5 senses and creativity
  • Effective, purposeful goal setting
  • Time & Life management Plan ( 1 year action Plan)


One Virtual session via Zoom

E-Book written by Author plus journals to use within the program

Group coaching, interactive live virtual face to face with other like-minded people to work together, learn and have fun! 

Extra bonus for early birds registering before 15 Dec 2021!  

Book a 20  min call and learn more about it! 

Corporate services

Corporate Services

Coaching Area: Productivity & High Performance Coaching

I offer:

1 to 1 in-house /on-line coaching sessions with team members and leaders

Group and Team Coaching sessions with a Certified Professional Group Coach

Prices: upon request