About Me

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Hi I’m Berenice Millan,

I am a Certified Transformational Coach (Coach Masters Academy) and an Accredited Professional Coach with The International Coaching Federation (ICF).

After nearly 30 years working in Human Resources at several international corporations, I started to feel I was missing out on something.

Even though I wasn’t exactly clear on what was wrong, this feeling was ever-present and growing inside. Gradually, I felt less and less fulfilled in my daily life. I realized I was becoming more disconnected from my feelings and the people around me. I felt alone. 

I reached the lowest point in both my professional and personal life. I was struggling and didn’t know what to do. Eventually, I realized that nothing could change if I kept doing the same thing. I decided then and there that I would have to change myself to improve my situation. As soon as I accepted this, I knew that I needed external support. 

Soon after, I hired a coach who supported me on my path of self-discovery.


What you will get when you work with me

  • Trust: I speak and act honestly and assume others will do the same. I maintain that we each act from best intentions. 
  • Connection: I walk alongside my clients as we support each other to grow together. 
  • Bravery: I face uncomfortable situations and will help you do the same. I’ll help you challenge yourself and not shy away from making hard choices because they will help you grow. 
  • Professionalism: I provide confidential, non-judgemental, and safe environments for my clients to express themselves freely and deeply.

Why work with me

  • I’ve been there. I have lived the transition that I teach and understand the challenges, frustrations, and disconnection. I have made mistakes in my personal and professional life and I have learned immensely from them. 
  • My HR experience in major international corporations will help you align yourself with current market needs.
  • My certified coach training will help you develop a resilient mindset and safely dig deep into yourself to create your change.


I believe that everyone can find solutions within them. However, sometimes, we need help along the way. I support my clients to uncover their deep ‘knowing’ of when and how to make change. I encourage them to find their inner voice, explore their dreams, and find the confidence to start a new journey forward.